September 10, 2008

US Open - I just couldn't watch it

Over the past years I absolutely loved to watch Women's tennis. I would watch all the Grand Slams and major tournaments, so it might seem strange that this year I didn't watch any game of the US Open. I just can't.. after the departure of our number one player last year, Kim Clijsters, we were so happy to still have Justine Henin left to defend our national colours. Kim was more about the fun, Justine was all about the competition. With Kim quitting last year, I watched more Justine games and became an even bigger fan, then came May 2008.. Justine announced her retirement.

The player with the most beautiful backhand in Women's tennis decided it was time to do something else. I tried to still follow the US Open this year, but I just can't root for the Williams sisters or the Russian girls. I don't think Women's tennis is what it was and secretely hope Justine will make a come back, but I guess that won't be happening. Let's hope some other champ will stand up to bring some great tennis back to Women's tennis .... I miss The Backhand.

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