August 22, 2012

Best Beer in Town

If you ever read my blog, you probably already knew : I like (good) beer with a passion for Belgian beer.. It might be that I got it from my dad who loves beer aswel (although he drinks pretty much everything apart from Heineken) or it might be that it's just in my blood being born in Beer Country.

When I moved to Rome, I was desperate for products from home. I went around the city like crazy to look for Lotus Speculoos (found  at Auchan), 'Suikerwafels' (found them at Todis) and ofcourse beer.

But what do Belgians like to do most : go for a drink.  So here are the best places in Rome if you are looking for good beer in no particular order.

Ma Che Siete Venuti A Fa / Bir&Fud - Trastevere 
They have great beers on tap, in the heart of Trastevere and  reasonable prices.Too bad there's not 
much space to sit outside. Ma Che Siete Venuti A Fa has lots of international beers, Bir&Fud (same  owners)  has only Italian craft beer but you can eat here as wel.

4:20 - Porta Portese
Great beers at very reasonable prices. Before 8.00pm your beer costs less and they have the possibility
 to take beer home. (bring a bottle!) Great fries to go with that beer!

Open Baladin - Largo Argentina/Campo Dei Fiori
Amazing and lots of beers on tap, international and Italian. Great Food. Love this place.

Mastro Titta - Portuense
 Great beers on tap (often has Tripel Karmeliet on tap), a bit dark though if you want to have a
 conversation with a friend.

Birrifugio - Trastevere
Maybe a bit out of the way as it's not in the heart of the old (touristic) Trastevere, but has a good beer
selection. German beers on tap, lots of Belgian bottled beerse. Love how they left the yeast in the bottle
so I had the choice to poor it immediately or not.

Oasi Della Birra - Testaccio
Most of Rome probably knows this place for it's apertivo, but they have a great beer selection as wel.
Unfortunately they never have all the beers on their menu, but often have a great selection of
Belgian bottled beers.

La Botticella - Piazza Navona area
Well, this place is usually packed with American tourist, in particular Steelers fans.
Even so, I had to mention this place as they have great Belgian bottled beers.
Before 8.00pm they are only €5,00 and how could I leave out a place that has Westmalle Tripel for
€5,00 in Rome? Right I can't.

Senza Fondo- Prati
Pub worth mentioning. This place mainly has beers from 'Brouwerij Verhaeghe' on tap and also the
excellent Duchesse de Bourgogne. 

In Trastever there's also the recently opened Beerland : selling Westvleteren 12 Trappist beer  like that..not cool! It's not allowed, and if the 'frati' find out about this you might be going to hell!