June 27, 2008

Belgian's Holiday

The Belgian (me!) has arrived in Rome for a three week holiday.. yay!
I should also start to think about the practical issues of moving here,
but right now it's all about relaxing.. and getting used to this boiling heat!

June 25, 2008


I just finished the 5th year of my Italian class. One night a week, three hours, a whole schoolyear.
Today was grade day. Went there and it went a little like this :

Me : I'm here to pick up my grade

Teacher : So how do you think you did?

Me : Alright, worse than last year though

Teacher : How much did you take last year?

Me : I don't know, around 80%

Teacher : Well, you shouldn't be so modest! Your result is ... 88%

He said I made a very good exam. Ok, really, this doesn't mean so much, it's just Italian. Still I felt again like a little girl whose teacher just told her she did good! Because let's face it, that didn't happen anymore since like primary school. Not because I didn't do well after that, but - from my experience- high school teachers and university professors don't give a crap about their students.
But that's a totally different discussion.

Point is that I was proud of myself for doing well. It sounds geeky even writing it down, but it's the truth! (I do shamefully have to admit that I didn't study for it that much)
The problem with this result is also that it shows that I'm not that bad at Italian, the only thing that's missing is the guts to actually speak it around Italians... which could be useful!

After my intention to blog more, I also need to speak Italian more.. with all these good intentions it kinda feels like the 1st of January...

June 24, 2008

Blogging Newbie

Today My Italian told me that if I really wanted to do this blog thing, I should actually blog.. I thought he had a point! So that's my intention for the future.. blog more! I can use the excuse that
June is always quite a busy month because I need to get everything done before I go on holiday (yay!). But truth is also that I'm very good at procrastinating. Everyday I was thinking about writing a new blog, but I thought I would do it the day after. Well, no more!
Also, because I'm kinda new to this blogthingy, I didn't know that people had to login and register before posting a comment, so I turned that off now.. So no more excuses for not leaving me comments! And me from my side.. I promise to write more.. and possibly also about more interesting things. Really! You'll see!

June 15, 2008

Soccer Fever

When I was younger I used to watch a lot of soccer. Not just the national team, but also the Belgian league games. I don't anymore. BUT when there's a European Championship or a World Champion ship I do watch soccer. I love seeing all these countries compete and everybody dressing up in 'Their' colours. Unfortunately the Belgian team has been going through a rough patch the last couple of years and we aren't in the European Championship this year. One of the good things of having an Italian boyfriend is that noone is surprised I support the Italian team. Unfortunately they haven't really played very well. If they don't beat France on Tuesday and Romania wins against Holland, they are out of the Championship.
I have lots of Dutch collegues who are pushing me to support Holland together with them, but until the Italian team is out, I can't, I won't, I shall not.
After that... you could spot me wearing one of those (ridiculous) orange shirts...
Let's hope the Italian team stays in though, I wouldn't want to miss all those good looking guys in their tight shirts and shorts..
Because let's face it, when it comes to having cute soccerplayers, there is only one Champion and that's Italy.

June 08, 2008


More interesting news to follow soon.... check back!