September 10, 2008

London Baby!

Yes yes yes.. The Belgian and The Italian are going to London. It was actually me who really wanted to go, but The Italian was convinced rather quickly. I have only been to London once, but fell in love with it. They often say you either like Paris or London and although Paris is a fine city.. I wouldn't doubt for a second and pick London any day. I just love the atmosphere of the place. Booked our traintickets... isn't it wonderful you can just take a train and a mere two hours later you are in the middle of London without have to be there 2 hours before to check in etc etc.

I'm really looking forward to visiting the Concrete & Glass Festival in East London. It's an Art&Music Festival with lots of bands (Lykke Li, Errors,...) and lots of art shows in several venues around East London. Will def report after we have been!

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red said...

I say it's totally possible to love both. And that festival seems very cool indeed.