August 20, 2008

On weddings and whatnot...

Last weekend the Italian and I attended my cousin's wedding. Yup the Italian was in itty bitty Belgium and witnessed his first Belgian wedding. Yup his first, as most of my cousins and friends are not really 'the (conventional) marrying kind'. Somewhere between the wonderful dinner buffet, too many glasses of wine and the decadent dessert buffet, THE conversation started. Who will get married next?
I sometimes hear stories of girls who have -since they were little- dreamed about the big day with the white dress and I never quite 'understood'. Some years ago I was still an avid defender of the 'why would anyone get married'-theory. After that I started to understand why someone would want to get married and now.. well.. now I'm even considering it myself. Maybe I do want to get married someday. A sentence that some years ago would not have crossed my mind!

Even though I thorougly enjoyed the ceremony and the dinner and party last weekend, I doubt I would ever want to get married that way though. The (expensive), you-are-the-center-of-attention-for-a-day day, but getting older I do get now why people want to do this..

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