August 05, 2008

Bookclub : Khaled Hosseini - The Kite Runner

I'm always careful about hypes. I didn't like Titanic, The Da Vinci Code-book ( ok I gave up already after 20 pages), and more of those overhyped movies or books. There was a whole hype around this book, probably also because it's the first book Hosseini had ever written.

The story is situated in Afghanistan and is very beautifully written. You can imagine exactly how the atmosphere was and I really love that about a good book.

It is sometimes a bit hard (yes, I'm sensitive), because some bad things that happen are described in detail.

Overall I really enjoyed this book, although I have to add that I like the first chapters more than the last. It's an easy read, even in English for someone who's not an native speaker.


erynchandler said...

is there a movie based off this book? I think I saw parts of it recently.....and yes there were "bad" parts!

*Belgian said...

Yes there is indeed a movie based on the book. I haven't watch it though. Also heard from some people who did that it wasn't a great movie. I think I'll just stick to the book!

Scintilla said...

Hi, I really enjoyed this book too. My daughter had it as part of her English as a second language curriculum at the European school so it wasn't judged as too difficult for a non native speaker.