August 06, 2008

It's official..! I'm getting nervous...

Last week I finally asked my boss if it was possible to find me a job with the company in Italy. ( same company, but different as they don't make the same things as we do)
She already knew I was toying with the idea of moving, but I never made it a 'sure thing'. Now, you should know that my boss and I get along very well, so she agreed to take it up with her boss and then some higher people to check if there was a possibility. I don't know yet if it will be possible, but it's nice they are checking it out. Even the P&O lady is helping me figure out some practical stuff even if they can't move me and I have to quit. This is all wonderful and I can't believe they are willing to help me with this in such a great way. However it's making me nervous.. the move is becoming very real all of a sudden and it's scaring me a bit.
The fact that one of my best friends gave me some tissues that say 'Friends Forever' didn't really help and almost made me cry. And today my boss asked me if they can put out an anouncement next week or so to tell the whole company... so yup there is not way back.. To be absolutely clear : I don't want there to be a way back. I'm sure about going to Italy, being with the Italian, getting rid of taking planes every 1-2 months... still I'm getting nervous.
Nervous, but also excited to live with the Italian, in a new place, with a 'new' culture,and (hopefully) making new friends...
Yup.. this kid is growing up... or so it seems...


erynchandler said...

wow how exciting. i hope everything goes as planned and you are able to make it to Rome to live!

my husband and I recently got married in Florence after starting to date there back in '04 when we studied there for a semester!

joanne at frutto della passione said...

Wow, how exciting. It's great that you have the possibility of getting transferred by your company, plus being an EU citizen will make life easier that if you were *extra-comunitaria*. Keep us posted!

*Belgian said...

@ ErynChandler :
Thanks! I hope everything will work
itself out. I hope to get to live
there before the end of the year!
How exciting that you got married
in Florence! Very romantic!

@ Joanne :
Well, I hope that it will be
possible to be tranferred. I
think the chances are slim
though. Being from the EU will
indeed be a lot easier than being
from outside the EU. Still I find
lots of stuff to take into
account and figure out cause
Belgium is very different from
Italy in a lot of aspects!
At least I won't have to worry
about the permesso though!

Di Mackey said...

Oh please, just do it ... for me.

I was teaching English in Istanbul, preparing for Rome and I met this Belgian guy who live with in Antwerpen.

I would so love to read of your Italian life ...

(I know, it's not really reason enough) :)

Good luck though.