June 24, 2008

Blogging Newbie

Today My Italian told me that if I really wanted to do this blog thing, I should actually blog.. I thought he had a point! So that's my intention for the future.. blog more! I can use the excuse that
June is always quite a busy month because I need to get everything done before I go on holiday (yay!). But truth is also that I'm very good at procrastinating. Everyday I was thinking about writing a new blog, but I thought I would do it the day after. Well, no more!
Also, because I'm kinda new to this blogthingy, I didn't know that people had to login and register before posting a comment, so I turned that off now.. So no more excuses for not leaving me comments! And me from my side.. I promise to write more.. and possibly also about more interesting things. Really! You'll see!


Jessica_in_Rome said...

Yay looking forward to hearing more about your adventures. I totally hear you on being a blog procrastinator! I always have ideas for blog posts in my head, but rarely actually sit down and type them out-lol.

*Belgian said...

Thanks for your comment Jessica! Because I think your blog is great, I added it to my bloglist. Hope that's ok with you!?