May 18, 2010

Oh no they didn't....

Rome did not win the scudetto this year. I wanted to write some posts about it earlier, but didn't want to jinx it. (I have become frightingly Italian in certain things - just kidding). After 45 minutes we were virtually champions. The first half of Siena-Inter ended in 0-0 and Roma was winning by 2 goals.
I was listening to Carlo Zampa* on the radio and was quite moved. To thank the players, the fans started to sing songs including Roma, Roma, Roma. What a beautiful team. I hope next year will be the year of As Roma.
Being around some Laziali has tested my patience and theirs over the last few weeks. But soon we will be rooting for the same team as the World Cup starts : Italy...
Belgium is not playing the World Cup unfortunately.

* famous Roma commentator

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