January 03, 2009

The Movies

In the last two weeks I went to the cinema 3 times. The first time we saw Transporter 3. Not my choice, but I seem to have a weakness for Jason Statham (nothing to do with his looks). It wasn't bad for an action film. Then - really not my choice - we saw The Day The Earth Stood Still. And although Jada Pinkett and Will Smith make cute babies, this might have been the worst movie I saw in 2008. I'm no fan of most alien movies, but this was just ridiculous. Anyway, so yesterday was my choice. My first choice was to watch Changeling, but they weren't playing it at the time we went. So I chose Pride And Glory. Which turned out to be a good choice! I was sold when I saw that Edward Norton was playing in it and he didn't disappoint.

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