October 28, 2008

London : oh how I heart thee..


The Eurostar is one of my favourite ways to travel : a mere two hours and you are in the middle of London. I really wanted to go to this Art&Music festival in East End London. But a certain friend of a certain Italian told us that that neighbourhood was comparible with the Bronx in New York. Now, I have not been in New York (it's on my list!), but when I heard 'like the Bronx' I was a tiny bit worried. So we booked two nights in 'The Bronx' to avoid having to take the tube late at night and then moved to another hotel to see the more touristy sites of London.

But East End London/Shoreditch is fine, I didn't get what the fuss was about. As a matter of fact I really loved the neighbourhood. Great art shops, nice pubs, great atmosphere... Anyway, the hotel was great! - and I am one picky chick when it comes to hotels. They don't have to be all that fancy, but they have to be clean! We went to pick up our wristbands for the festival and had lunch /dinner at Cafe 1001. Best vegi burger and pasta salad I probably ever had in London and a great place to hang out! After having freshened up at the hotel, we went to check out the festival. There were so many bands playing and art shows in different venues all over Shoreditch.
We saw an amazing photography show in Shoreditch Town Hall. The photographer was inspired by a poem by C.P. Cavafy and that message came across very strongly in the beautiful pictures she took in the Olympic Rain forest. Very strong images and huge prints.

Ow and another great thing about art shows : free drinks.. and there were plenty...

DAY 2 .. to be continued...

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