July 23, 2008

Belgian Pride - sort of

Last Monday was the National Day of Belgium. Now, I'm not a very 'nationalistic' person and I don't remember ever watching any parades on the national day. The only moments I feel some sort of Belgian pride is when for example the Belgian soccer team wins, which in the past years has pretty much not happened at all.

For many things Belgium is not an inspiring country :

* it rains here most of the time (even when the weatherman says it won't);
* politics have been kinda crazy the past year.
I'm not actually sure if we currently have a government or not;
* the quality of the roads could definately be better;
* the fact that we are so small that most people have no clue where it is.
I still regularly see American journalists on tv referring to Belgium as the capital of Brussels.
I don't blame them, the Belgian government does just not do enough to promote the country correctly.
Having said that, I do think journalists should do their job and do some research.
* Belgian soaps, tv shows are mostly really boring

But on the national day I did think about all the things that do rock Belgium :

* Belgian Chocolate : THE best in the whole world, no competition.
* Belgian Beer : Again, the best in the world.
* Belgian Waffles : ditto
In general Belgian food is just really good.
* Sports : Justine Henin, Kim Clijsters ( tennis), Kim Gevaert ( Running), Tia Hellebaut ( High
Jump), ...
* Art : Victor Horta, James Ensor, Henry van de Velde, Rene Magritte, ...
* Music : K's Choice, Deus, Ozark Henry, Jacques Brel, Arid, Hooverphonic, Toots Tielemans,..
* Some political decisions: Euthanasia law, gay marriage/adoption law, anti-discrimination law,
first country in the world to ban clusterbombs, ...
* Social Security, facilities, education are all quite good and of a high level
* There's no dubbing movies/sitcoms in Belgium, we have subtitles.
* Some beautiful cities: Ghent, Antwerp, Bruges,...
* ...

So when I make the comparison between the good, the bad and the ugly, I must admit that Belgium is not such a bad country to live in after all. I still want to move though...


Anonymous said...

Great country Belgium !!

How could you forget about putting belgian fries ( or how they call them frietjes ) in the list of the things that do rock Belgium!

And for everybody reading this blog :
if u have a chance to go to Antwerp,
when you'll be in the Groenplaats, probably the most beautiful square in the city, go to eat at "FritkotMax" : best friturr in Belgium!! Anybody knows it?! mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

joanne at frutto della passione said...

Very funny post! But Italian politics are much worse!

michelle of bleeding espresso said...

Ooh I'm definitely with you on the food...and screwed up and rainy or not, I'd *love* to come to Belgium :)

*Belgian said...

@ anonymous : you are right! How could I forget! Max' frietjes rule!

@ Joanne : thanks!

@ Michelle : the food is indeed good isn't it!

Di Mackey said...

You forgot Tom Boonen :)